Pathfinder Apollo by Retrocausal

Software that uses cameras to guide, analyze, and optimize assembly processes


Pathfinder - Taking frontline productivity to a new level

Gain an extra pair of trained eyes to assist your workers. Get 10% improvement in yield, 60% reduction in errors and reduce training time by 44%.


What is Pathfinder™?

Pathfinder is software that uses cameras to guide, analyze, and optimize assembly processes. It offers audible and visual alerts to associates when they make a mistake and provides comprehensive time studies to lean engineers to help them improve processes. The Pathfinder platform automatically builds computational models of a complex physical task, such as an assembly activity, with only a handful of recorded demonstrations of the task. Once a model is built, Pathfinder can finely track the job status from live video to guide a worker through the task, provide independent training, and perform analytics. Pathfinder’s analytics capability identifies non-value added activities across processes, unexpected variability in process times, and traces assembly mistakes through a line.

Works with an ordinary webcam!

Get started on a Windows PC in only a few minutes.

Pathfinder Apollo by Retrocausal

Visual Mistake-Proofing for Assembly

Create digital "poka-yoke" mechanisms for a variety of sub-assembly processes. Pathfinder tracks individual steps of an assembly process and offers audible and visual alerts to help associates avoid mistakes.

Pathfinder minimizes rework, scrap costs, and assembly mistakes on your lines.

pathfinder software analyze

Analytics for Manual Processes

Pathfinder measures cycle times, step-level statistics, variations, and non-value-added activities. This highlights process variability and helps industrial and lean engineers balance lines.

Pathfinder helps manufacturers extract more productivity out of their processes.

Video Traceability for the whole line

Pathfinder extends the typical notion of Total Quality Management (TQM) beyond the traceability of parts to every assembly step. This empowers industrial and quality engineers to analyze the root cause of issues from their computers and to narrow down product batches for recall events.

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How it works

Pathfinder software diagram

Step 1: Capture
  • Enter a bill of process and record a handful of demonstrations of the process split across roughly 10 workers to capture various working styles (takes 2-3 hours).
Step 2: Label
  • Label the videos at the level of individual steps (takes ~10 minutes).
Step 3: Deploy
  • Provide live feedback to assembly operator or passively analyze video for improvements.
Step 4: Analyze
  • Get cycle times and step-level analytics, such as standard deviation for each step.

How to get started

We initiate your account through a 4-week pilot program in which we help you install our smart camera system on your workstations, model manual processes, set up the dashboard and live task guidance systems, and demonstrate a clear Return-on-Investment.