GenICam Host Software

For GEV / U3V


GenICam Host Software for GigE Vision / USB3 Vision

Quick and easy development of software applications conforming to the EMVA GenICam standard

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy-to-use host software package to help you quickly build your own applications compliant with the GenICam software standard?

GenICam is a generic API for machine vision cameras, developed by the European Machine Vision Association. It is the basis for all of the major machine vision interface standards, including GigE Vision, USB3 Vision and CoaXPress.

Macnica Vision’s GenICam Host Software package includes our GenTL producer technology, BetelmaGiCs producer core plus sample applications and full documentation.


  • Compliant with EMVA GenICam standard
  • A flexible design that allows you to select any of the major software interfaces (GigE Vision and USB3 Vision) without changing your application software.
  • Compliant with the GenICam GenTL standard (allowing operation using GenICam-compatible third-party applications)
  • Supports Multi-Interface and Multi-Device applications


  • Compliant with EMVA GenICam Standard Version 2.0
  • Compatible Interfaces
    • GigE Vision Standard Version 1.2/2.0
    • USB3 Vision Standard Version 1.0.1

Specific features for GigE Vision

  • Transfer rate of 980Mbps (best effort)
  • Packet retransmission
  • Event, Chunk data transmission

Specific features for USB3 Vision

  • Transfer rate 3Gbps (best effort)
  • Event, Chunk data transmission

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft®  Windows® 10 Pro 64Bit
  • Linux (Planning)

*  The values in the above table are based on an implementation example. There may be some variation depending on the user’s system configuration.


  • GenICam software (Binary)
  • Sample application (Source)
  • User’s manual, etc.

Software Configuration

GenICam Software Configuration

All software required by the GenICam standard is provided, so users can focus on application development.

Evaluation Environment



GeniCam Software IP Package