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Using any A3-recognized standard for the camera and display interface

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What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is the use of digital images to automate industrial processes, whether through automatic inspection, process control, or robot guidance.

It’s the key to faster, more accurate, and more profitable manufacturing of almost any kind of product.


How does Macnica help you design machine vision components?

Any machine vision camera , display, or vision-guided industrial robot must connect to other components using one of several competing interface standards.

Macnica makes connection simple by providing the basic engineering required to evaluate, then implement the best interface for a given need.

We offer intellectual property packages, software, and a hardware development kit perfect for the machine vision industry.


What are the standards used in machine vision?

Macnica Vision supports all of the standards used to connect machine vision components.

These include GigE Vision, using 1 and 10-gigabit Ethernet networks; USB3 Vision, based on the USB connection standard; CoaXPress for fast connections over coaxial cables; Camera Link; the GenICam software API; and HDMI.


Camera Interface Intellectual Property

Macnica is your best source for the knowledge, protocols and engineering support manufacturers need to adapt their products to one or more machine vision interface standards.


Evaluation & Development Kit

Macinica’s EasyMVC is a camera development kit for hardware and software engineers who work on machine vision systems.

The kit includes an image sensor board, an FPGA board and an interface board plus a selection of CMOS sensors, FPGAs and machine vision interfaces that you can mix and match as you design your new camera. We also include our GenICam software and intellectual property to give you a fast start on your project.


CMOS Sensor Interface IP

Today Sony CMOS image sensors and Intel FPGAs are used in nearly all machine vision cameras, with Sony SLVS-EC the interface of choice to handle high-speed, long-distance communications between the two. It has become especially popular because it uses an embedded clock technology that’s tolerant of lane-to-lane skew.

Now, with our SLVS-EC Rx IP, Macnica Vision is offering an intellectual property package that makes board-level design for SLVS-EC very easy. It’s the toolkit you need for faster, better, easier and more profitable camera design.


Industry Memberships

Macnica is a long term member of the key associations involved in machine vision standards development, including the Association for Advance Automation (A3), the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JILA), and the HDMI Association (we are an HDMI Certified Adopter).

Association for Advanced Automation